Portrait : Sara Cooper for Real Woman Magazine

We photographed Sara Cooper for the Spring 2019 issue of Real Woman magazine. Sara is battling ALS , a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerves cells in the brain and spinal cord. It’s a terminal diagnosis. You can learn more about Sara’s story at Help for ALS, the GoFundMe her friends created in her honor to help others diagnosed with the illness.

 Editorial portrait shoot with Sara Cooper for Real Woman Magazine. Photos by Linette Kielinski
People say I’m nice, and I try to be, but I’m tough. I am not going out as somebody who got depressed because they got ALS, that’s just not what we’re going to do. I’m going to do it my way.
— Sara Cooper

Our shoot took place at Sara’s mother’s home in New Jersey, where she and her supportive circle of friends had a chance to catch up and be a part of the images.

Lots of thoughts ran through my head regarding how to photograph Sara with her friends and family. I was excited to meet her and get to work, but since the subject matter is so heavy I found myself going into it with a more solemn kind of energy.

 Editorial portrait shoot with Sara Cooper for Real Woman Magazine. Photos by Linette Kielinski

I photographed her in a few different scenarios around the house. It wasn’t until the shot included just Sara and her mother that my emotions really got the best of me… I found myself hiding my tears behind the camera.

 Editorial portrait shoot with Sara Cooper for Real Woman Magazine. Photos by Linette Kielinski

Sara is naturally bold and funny - she managed to keep uplifting vibes going for the majority of our visit, but a bit of sadness concerning the reality of her situation came through while we chatted after the shoot with her friends. I continued to document as much interaction as I could while everyone was getting ready to leave. These images did not run in the issue.

Sara Cooper with family and friends

Sara Cooper with family and friends

I had a hard time writing this post and trying to articulate my feelings about this experience. I hope my capturing and sharing these images that Sara’s story help and inspire others. Please visit here to learn more on how you can help too.

Fun times at the City Social on the Pier

The Green Program hosted a free sustainable summer kick-off event for young professionals across the greater Philadelphia region. The Cherry Street pier was a prime location for folks to hang out with their coworkers and friends. Along with snagging a great FREE headshot, the event proved to be a great opportunity to network, meet organizations and companies that are passionate about sustainability and the social impact space.

Melissa Lee, founder and CEO of The Green Program, didn’t have to twist our arm to jump at the chance to volunteer for this fun opportunity. I always wondered what it would be like to have an evening of marathon headshots. haha!

Kyle and I packed up the guinea pig aka (the van) and set up shop with the beautiful Ben Franklin Bridge and Race St pier as our background.

We kept the line moving and grooving, met so many excited young professionals ( 77 to be exact) and smiled more than I ever have in a 2 hour time frame! Thank you again Melissa and to all the great folks who we were grateful to meet and photograph.

To the headshot recipients - keep an eye out for an email with your new headshot by the end of next week!


Brand Imagery for Trousseau Style

Shortly after working with Lauren on an advertising job last winter she approached us about working with her to create fresh and personal imagery for the rebranding of her personal styling business, Trousseau Style.

Without hesitation we said “Hell Yeah!”, because we love opportunities to help and work with a fellow small business owner (I especially love women owned businesses).

Lauren was incredibly organized with mood boards and a timeline of what to photograph. She had a complete vision of what she wanted in photography, which is another reason I’m so honored that she chose us. We discussed lighting, mood, and the overall feel she was hoping to get across with the photographs. Kyle and I knew we could provide Lauren with all she wanted and more.

One of our favorite images from the session was the composite hero image on Trousseau Style’s home page. Created by combining a favorite standing portrait of each of her personal styling clients.


Lauren created this lovely set and transformed our Germantown photo studio into a thoughtfully curated closet / cozy lounge… in less than an hour!


With one and a half days of photographing in studio we were able to create images of multiple lovely flat lays, various perspectives of the set and portrait sessions of six amazing women. This can NOT happen without a phenomenal team in place! As photographers we can create images we love flying solo, but only with others can we create magic!

I’m so happy to have met Lauren through working with other women business owners in Philadelphia, the incredible women of Kelbourne Woolens and the divine Diana Duhaime. Thank you for your support and recommendations my gratitude and appreciation will never waiver.

I hired Kielinski Photographers for my rebrand photoshoot and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I had a vision in my head for MONTHS of what I wanted it to look like, and Linette really brought that vision to life.
— Lauren Hartman, owner of Trousseau Style

Excited to watch Trousseau Style’s growth and success, I certainly know they’re dressed for it!

If you’re thinking of taking your business imagery to the next level lets connect!

Trouseau Style Shoot7413.jpg

Gracious thank you to the badass women who made this shoot a success:

Client + Stylist : Lauren Hartman / Troussea Style

Hair + Makeup : Diana Duhaime / Onlo Beauty

Styling Assistant : Amanda Keisel

Models : Robyn, Naomi, Jess, Leah, and Allison

Therapy Pup : Enzo

Nexus Pop-Up Portrait Sessions!

Family portraits!

Family portraits!



Do you need a new headshot for business or social media? Maybe a group portrait of the family for a holiday card? Come on down to our next Pop-Up Portrait Session on October 27th, 2018! We’ll be setting up at Mt. Airy Nexus - a new office, co-working, and event space in NW Philadelphia.

Dress up, dress down, dress in whatever makes you feel great! Your session will be fun and we’ll make sure to capture the best image of you possible.

There’ll be a few different options on site for backgrounds (white, wood, cement wall) and Nexus has some colorful, modern furniture choices that can be incorporated, if need be - some of the pieces are in the pics above.

We’re offering 15 minute headshot sessions (one person) and 30 minute group/family sessions (2-6 people). Use the form below to sign up!

Welcome Baby Maggie!

Baby Maggie has chosen two pretty incredible people for parents. Erin and I know each other through our Crossfit box in Manayunk. I've photographed her in a sports bra and shorts jumping up to a 36 inch wooden box (multiple times), and I've photographed her on one of her most important days in a beautiful bridal gown with family and friends. 

 MYN Athletics coach shoot

I am honored to have been invited to photograph Erin and Rob as a new parents to their sweet baby girl Maggie. 

 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie

I wouldn't say newborn photography is my niche, but I've had two newborns of my own and have many many photographs of them! We kept the room super warm and toasty (I was sweating), I knitted baby Maggie a precious little Aki bonnet designed by Alison McCarney, because everyone NEEDS a photograph of their baby in a bonnet, ha ha!

 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie

Rob ran in this year's Boston Marathon, Erin went to cheer him on while she was just a few weeks from her estimated due date. Rob loves to run and most likely can't wait to put their jogging stroller to use. 

Erin is a Phillies fan and Rob is a cough cough..Yankees and Giants fan. Yes, it was hard for me to type that. Maggie was only photographed with the Phillies Jersey. I was staying out of that conversation. haha!

 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie
 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie

Rob wanted a photo to remember how small her feet were, and Erin loved combing her hair. We had Maggie put on a great onsie with a photo of her Aunt Patti(e) sleeping rocking some amazing eighties hair! Rock on Aunt Patti(e)!

 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie
 Newborn portrait session with 2 week old Baby Maggie

Welcome to parenthood Erin and Rob life is about to get really interesting! Thank you again! 


The Choice is Yours class of 2018

For the past 3 years I've had the honor to be the event photographer for The Choice is Yours graduation. It is held in the beautiful Mayor's Reception room at City Hall in Philadelphia. 

'The Choice is Yours (TCY) is an innovative diversion program for first-time, nonviolent felony drug offenders facing one to two year prison sentences.  Upon successful completion, the program offers graduates the opportunity to have their criminal records expunged, removing the stigma of a criminal record.' - JEVS Human Services

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

TCY Graduate, Kasim Shaw holds his baby daughter while being photographed by David Swanson for the Daily News, which had a nice piece about Kasim and the program. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

The annual proud graduate group photo with Alberta Lloyd of JEVS Human Services, who played a major role in helping them graduate. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Many emotions filled the mayor's reception room throughout the afternoon. Pride, excitement, relief, any thing you could imagine from these graduates and their families on this incredible day.

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster
 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Alberta Lloyd, with JEVS Human Services works with the participants throughout the program and every year she gives the best commencement speeches to the graduates. They are honest, real and from the heart. I wouldn't doubt that she stays in touch with all the grads from the program. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Porshia White was the class valedictorian and spoke of hard work, and no excuses. She completed the program at 29, with 3 children and one on the way. Her husband pictured below was so proud and full of excitement throughout the ceremony. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Salutaturian Shartelle Martinez, speaks before her peers, friends and family. There was an article written on her and another graduate in Al Dia

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster
 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Mother and graduate, Nicole Sanchez Ortiz receives her diploma from Alberta Lloyd and follows with handshakes with members of the DA's office. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Graduate Alan Taylor holds his daughter while recieving his diploma. 

 The Choice is Yours 2018 Graduation at Philadelphia City Hall, hosted by JEVS and Penn Foster

Congratulations to all the graduates and to all those involved that helped get them where they are. They have inspired and continue to inspire and be role-models to those who are fortunate to know them. 

Lululemon Shoots!

Earlier this year Linette photographed a few Lululemon brand ambassadors for the Lehigh Valley store.  It was a fun series of shoots! Jimmy, Brittany, and Doug were all outgoing, positive, and tireless people - it was easy to see why they were asked to represent the brand!  All of the shots below are on display at the store - I suggest viewing the large prints in person!

Here's Jimmy from Christmas City Crossfit...

 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors
 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors
 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors

... from barre3 Allentown, Brittany...

 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors
 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors

... and Doug at barreform in Bethlehem.

 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors
 Lululemon Brand Ambassadors

Fitness with Qui for Unbroken Designs

Way back in October I had the pleasure of photographing Qui Burgess for Unbroken Designs  ( a local and woman owned business). Using the gorgeous natural light in our Germantown studio gave allowed us to create a bright and light series in a shorter amount of time than if it was lit in studio. Qui was amazing to work with and seemed to enjoy the little workout she was getting in. She is also an incredible personal trainer so it's par for the course right? 

I love getting to know the people I photograph during the actual shoot. I couldn't remember all the details of our conversation from that day so I emailed Qui a few questions and she was happy to answer! Creating a fun Q & A with the great folks I photograph will hopefully provide a more personal experience for you. Scroll down for my very first interview with Qui2Health!


Qui Burgess interviewed by Linette Kielinski January 25, 2018

What do you love about health and fitness? 

---What I love about health and fitness is it’s actually doing something amazing for ME! To be able to take care of my body physically and mentally is my best investment! And to help others on their journey it’s like my # 1 way of giving back!

I love the Equality t-shirt you wore during our shoot. What are your thoughts on equality? Are they specific to women and/or women of color? 

---If I could wear that Nike Equality shirt everyday I would. Equality to ME is not viewing anyone (race, shape, male, female) different. Won’t get political or religious BUT I will talk in terms of fitness(staying in my lane) anyone could lift 300lbs with proper training 😉!

I wish I had taken a photo of you and your mom, Renee! I loved that she was taking video and helping you with your social media content. Does she do that a lot? Please bring her next time we have a shoot so I can get a pic of the two of you! 

---Ha! My mom, well I’m normally in the gym by myself, here lately it’s been with my fiancé but at our particular shoot it was super random to bring her BUT so needed! She was free that morning so I asked her to tag along. She captured a lot of great BTS pics and vids!

You mentioned that you train some celebrities. Can you name a few? ;)

---Yea, I’ve trained a few celebs. Ugh, name dropping 🤭 lol.... LaLa Anthony, Bernice Burgos, Tara Wallace, Rah Ali, Nya Lee, AlQuadin Muhammad, Lian Amado, Alexis Walker, and Darhyl Camper Jr..

If your life depended on you doing 1000 reps of an exercise movement, what would you choose? 

---Listen, if my life depended on me to perform 1000 reps of a specific exercise it would definitely be squats! Please bodyweight, thanks! Lol

Thank you so much Qui for your time I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and Renee. Cheers to many more years of inspiring men and women on their fitness journey! 

And Congratulations on your wedding! Sorry folks she's now married! ;) 

-With Gratitude, Linette



Kelbourne Woolens Andorra Collection Photoshoot

We've had the pleasure of working with Kelbourne Woolens, a Philly local and woman-owned distribution company of beautiful yarns, hand-knitting / crochet patterns and notions for the craft. They are also incredible designers and teachers! 

This past October we jammed out to spotify's 90's R&B playlist and christened our new studio with the Andorra Collection shoot. 

Six lovely hand knitting patterns designed by the KW Ladies (that's what I call them in my head), Kate Gagnon Osborn, Courtney Kelly and Meghan Kelly. 

As I type this, Courtney is currently attending and teaching at VK LIve! in NYC.


We also photographed each color of the Andorra yarn line and skein beauty shots of the colors in the collection. If you're looking for a photographer with SSS (skein styling skills), look no further ;)


A photoshoot isn't complete without a few BTS shots. Notice Kate (center), she is always making something.  


Group shot of the team (minus Kyle - who took the photo). We'll have to set the camera on a tripod for the team shot and have a champagne toast when we wrap up next time! 

Thank you to the amazing folks who made this shoot possible: 

Client : Kelbourne Woolens
Model / Agency : Jamie Bowersox / Reinhard Agency
Hair & Makeup : Diana DuHaime / Onlo Beauty

- Linette

30 Minutes in the Snow...Go!

We had a small snow squall of a few inches this past Saturday in Philadelphia. I love walking around the neighborhood especially during a snowstorm when everything is peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect chance to try my new 'photo' gloves Kyle had given me for Christmas. I had 30 minutes to enjoy a solo venture and make some images before having to head downtown.

Quick snap of Kyle cleaning off the sidewalk ;)


I made it up the street to the Roxborough H.S. tennis courts, where our boys learned to ride their bikes a few years ago. 


Gorgas park had a few early morning sledders.


The view from a hill at Gorgas park looking east towards Hermitage Street.


A Father and daughter leaving the park with the perfect bright pink sled. 


The boys and I are hoping for some serious snowfall this winter. We've got 2 more months, surely we'll see more than 3 inches?

How it all began

Hello and thank you for popping in on our Kielinski Photographers Blog! We hope you enjoy our posts and comment when you can.

Intros can get lengthy. Luckily for you, we don't go on and on about ourselves - but we do love hearing stories and creating images that help illustrate them. So we'll try to make this first blog post short and sweet.

We met while majoring in photography at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Dated a few years after graduating, got married, started a family, purchased a home and rescued a few dogs. We live in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Let's get into it a bit more...

Kyle had worked for over 20 years as an in-house editorial photographer for a medical trade magazine publisher. I worked as a photojournalist for Montgomery Newspapers.

We married in 2006 and had our first child in 2007. Still working as a staff photographer, Kyle 'brought home (most) of the bacon' and I pursued the occasional wedding and family documentary work while being staying home with our baby boy. In 2010 our little family grew with another baby boy (born in our Philly home)! In addition to our two boys Carver and Ronin, we also have Nash (short for National), and Prancer.

This year we joined forces in the photography realm merging Kyle's studio and on-location lighting prowess with my faster-paced documentary style. We've had amazing clients and incredible subjects in 2017, from architecture to sports! Looking forward to the years ahead and all the stories to share.

* We love meeting for coffee and/or dog park playdates if you would like to hear more about us!