30 Minutes in the Snow...Go!

We had a small snow squall of a few inches this past Saturday in Philadelphia. I love walking around the neighborhood especially during a snowstorm when everything is peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect chance to try my new 'photo' gloves Kyle had given me for Christmas. I had 30 minutes to enjoy a solo venture and make some images before having to head downtown.

Quick snap of Kyle cleaning off the sidewalk ;)


I made it up the street to the Roxborough H.S. tennis courts, where our boys learned to ride their bikes a few years ago. 


Gorgas park had a few early morning sledders.


The view from a hill at Gorgas park looking east towards Hermitage Street.


A Father and daughter leaving the park with the perfect bright pink sled. 


The boys and I are hoping for some serious snowfall this winter. We've got 2 more months, surely we'll see more than 3 inches?