How it all began

Hello and thank you for popping in on our Kielinski Photographers Blog! We hope you enjoy our posts and comment when you can.

Intros can get lengthy. Luckily for you, we don't go on and on about ourselves - but we do love hearing stories and creating images that help illustrate them. So we'll try to make this first blog post short and sweet.

We met while majoring in photography at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Dated a few years after graduating, got married, started a family, purchased a home and rescued a few dogs. We live in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Let's get into it a bit more...

Kyle had worked for over 20 years as an in-house editorial photographer for a medical trade magazine publisher. I worked as a photojournalist for Montgomery Newspapers.

We married in 2006 and had our first child in 2007. Still working as a staff photographer, Kyle 'brought home (most) of the bacon' and I pursued the occasional wedding and family documentary work while being staying home with our baby boy. In 2010 our little family grew with another baby boy (born in our Philly home)! In addition to our two boys Carver and Ronin, we also have Nash (short for National), and Prancer.

This year we joined forces in the photography realm merging Kyle's studio and on-location lighting prowess with my faster-paced documentary style. We've had amazing clients and incredible subjects in 2017, from architecture to sports! Looking forward to the years ahead and all the stories to share.

* We love meeting for coffee and/or dog park playdates if you would like to hear more about us!